How Email Marketing Automation can Transform your Email Marketing?

Over 280 billion emails make their way across the World Wide Web every single day. According to Radicati, over 124.5 billion of these are business emails and another 111.1 billion are consumer emails, a large chunk being promotional emails sent by companies to promote their products and services. Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels even after a decade of being exploited by marketers.

Rightfully so, email marketing is constantly evolving, in a pursuit to get better. So where has this evolutionary iteration taken us? Research seems to be showing that email marketing automation is the clear winner when it comes to delivering future proof emails. Still unconvinced? Here’s a look at how email marketing automation can transform your email marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation makes email marketing way smarter than traditional email marketing campaigns. Amazon is renowned for its hyper-personalized emails which seem to know the exact interests of its customers. They send newsletters and promotional emails to their subscribers at the right time, to the right segment in the right manner which helps them stay relevant. Companies that do this see an increase in sales and greater rates of conversion and engagement.

Personalized emails make up almost 35% of all of Amazon’s sales. Sending out emails also helps you expose your company’s brand to consumers everywhere. By utilizing targeted content, you stay connected with your audience and increase your brand’s value and reach. Email marketing automation grants you the advantage of creating personalized experiences that allows you to tailor custom-made or specific ads based on your target’s needs and wants.

Grow your Subscribers and Business Together

Research shows that over 95% of visitors to a website are not ready to convert their interest into a sale. So what can you as a marketer do to improve the conversion? While such visitors are clearly interested in your products and services, they need a little nudge to actually purchase the service or product you provide.

Email marketing automation software gives you the tools to provide that little nudge. When people subscribe to your newsletter, you grow your mailing list. Getting someone to sign up for a newsletter subscription is way easier than convincing them to buy something.

As a marketer, you should be able to leverage the fact that asking for a newsletter subscription is a low-level call-to-action, compared to the high-level call-to-action of asking someone to buy something. Since subscribing to a list is a frictionless affair, people tend to do it faster, compared to making a purchase online. Utilize this to grow your subscriber base.

Deliver Hyper Personalised Emails

With over 75% of customers expecting personalized marketing messages, crunching customer behavioral patterns has never been more important for data-driven marketers. Once you have collected the data with the right metrics, segment your lists into smaller segments based on factors that will help you track patterns and really understand what makes your customer tick. This will help you understand your target audience and give you insights into how they think and what their likes and dislikes are.

The days of delivering bulk emails are long gone. With such powerful insights at their disposal, marketers can easily deliver 1-to-1 personalized emails using a robust email marketing platform. Instead of sending the same content to everyone at the same time, every subscriber should get relevant emails based on their interests and actions or inactivity. See email marketing solutions from Esanosys.

Drip Mails

Sending the right welcome message to your subscribers is very important as it is the first time they are interacting with your brand. Smart email marketing systems are capable of sending the right email wherein the customer feels looked after and taken care of, and this can go a long way in helping your business engage and nurture prospects.

Drip emails allow you to automatically send out emails based on a fixed schedule or based on subscribers’ actions. A time-based drip email, wherein emails go out at pre-determined intervals have been used for a long time.

You can improvise on these email workflows by sending emails based on triggers, the customer’s reaction or even a pre-set scenario like the subscriber opening the email but not clicking on the links and so on. This way they allow you to stay relevant and engage subscribers with the right information at the right time.

Sending out relevant and targeted emails leads to 18-times more revenue because these emails have a 119% higher chance of being opened when compared to conventional emails.

Win-back Email Campaigns

New subscribers are the most engaged subscribers you can have for your business. But with time, they might lose interest or end up spending too little time on your website. You may also want to upsell to existing customers. This is where win-back campaigns come in because they help you win back idle or lost customers.

Around 80% of all people who sign up for newsletters and lists do so to receive discounts. Hence, sending out a simple “We Miss You” email that offers a discount can help you drive traffic onto your website or app and boost sales.

Feedback is Important

Understanding how your customers feel about the product, what changes they would like to see and how you can improve it are all essential aspects of building products or solutions. Email marketing automation tools can help you collect the right feedback from the right set of customers.

Emails can be automatically sent out at a specific time interval, after purchase to ask the customer what they feel about the product and if they have any suggestions. Not only does this make the customer feel special, but it also allows you to gain valuable insight into your product. Such emails can also upsell similar products you sell and can even notify customers if something they had their eyes on is on discount.

Keep ‘em Happy

As per a study by the Harvard Business School, even a 5% customer retention increase leads to over 75% in profitability. This is because it’s easier and more cost-effective to retain customers than to acquire new ones. Automated email marketing campaigns help you keep customers engaged so that they don’t just stop visiting your website.

Upsell all the time

Automated email reminders may be sent out when a subscription is about to expire, or if an item they have left in their cart is about to get sold out or go off discount. Such incentives have shown to be effective in renewing subscriptions and retaining customers.

Grow your business

All these methods just go to show how effective email marketing automation is in helping you grow your customer base, keep them happy and help in converting those potential customers into people who buy. With Epsilon’s findings showing that the open rate for triggered emails is almost as high as 49%, which is significantly higher than more generic email types, the way to go seems to be pointing towards automated email marketing systems.

How have you leveraged email marketing automation for your business? Have you been able to use this wonderful technology to your advantage? Let us know if you need any assistance in setting up or scaling an email marketing automation platform for your business.

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