Why No One Talks About Traditional Marketing Anymore

traditional marketing

Marketing has changed drastically through the years. There has been a constant evolution in technology that has transformed marketing. Digital marketing has become an integral part of most business’s marketing strategies. And, on top of that there’s the influence of social media marketing strategies.

The world is changing due to technology. Our lifestyles have evolved. We are connected with the world 24×7 due to technology. Consumer behaviour is changing as a result.

Today’s consumers are well-informed and learned. They research and gather information about the product they want to buy before even deciding which brand to choose. The businesses that have adapted to the new consumers are the ones making more profit.

Consumers want a personalized experience as a result of their evolution. The traditional methods of marketing that had a one size fits all approach falls flat in front of the new age consumer. You need to be relevant, specific and original if you want to succeed.

Everything in your marketing channel must be relevant and targeted. The more you personalize, the more you can close deals.

Here’s a few reasons why no one talks about traditional marketing anymore.

Direct Mails

Let’s take for example, direct mail. It does not really work anymore, does it? Everybody has an email account, and every business has an email marketing campaign in place. Every update, every information, every invoice is sent via email nowadays. For you that means lesser printing costs, environmentally friendly and most importantly a better response. Direct paper emails have been replaced by direct emails.

Most promotional direct mail ends up in the trash, anyway! It has become obsolete, and it has no place in the digital age. But it’s not really a difficult aspect if you want to shift to a personalized  digital approach either.

Email works in the same way, only you get access to more information that can be used to target the audience that would be interested in your brand. It’s easier as well.

Purchasing Databases

Then comes the aspect of purchasing databases to blast thousands of emails at a go. That’s basically a one size fits all approach all over. You have purchased the lists, you have no idea about the contacts in the databases, and you just pray for the best and hit send. There’s a reason why no one talks about it anymore.

Yeah, it doesn’t work anymore. We’ll tell you why. Well first of all if that email does land up in someone’s inbox, and that person is probably not interested in your product, you will be marked as spam, and if you are marked as spam, the email client will identify you, and you will land up in everyone’s spam folder instead of the inbox.

No one wants to hear what you have in store for your thousands of customers. Everyone wants to know exactly what you have solely for them. What is it that will make them choose you over your customers? And email blasts really is not the right way to conduct personalized marketing campaigns.

Print & TV Ads

What was the last book that you read? Was it a digital one? We’re guessing perhaps it was. And, for most people that is the case. Our shelves have shifted from our rooms to our pockets. Maybe you use a Kindle or a tablet or maybe if you are the adventurous sort you use a laptop to read e-Books. People are reading, but they are using a different mode.

Same goes for TV. How many hours of TV do you watch in a week? Maybe an hour or so of local news, perhaps? The rest you stream or watch on the internet. It’s the same, viewership hasn’t fallen but it is the mode of viewing that has changed.

No one responds to ads nowadays. According to research, consumers will consult other consumers for advice before buying rather than relying on advertisement.

Cold Calling

If you bought mass databases of contacts, you probably also used cold calling as a strategy to rope in customers. This kind of unsolicited marketing will probably land you in a spam list or a bad brand image.

Consumers are extremely busy nowadays and the last thing that they want is an irrelevant sales call. The only moment when a customer might want to talk directly with you will be before purchasing and after purchasing in case of an issue with the product or service. So call calling is not something that people talk about anymore. It really does not make sense, spending time, energy and money on something that has such a low success rate.

You can use the same amount of time, energy and money to achieve a much higher rate of success if you adopt marketing technology like marketing automation.

What are your preferred marketing channels? Are there any traditional marketing channels which work for you. Let us know!

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