“Thou Shall Never Spam”

Never Spam

When it comes to digital marketing, email marketing is a marketer’s best friend. However it always has the stigma of spam attached to it. The primary reason for such a situation is the countless number of unsolicited emails that land up in our personal inbox every day. Email marketing might be reliable, but spam emails have dragged it down and reduced its value.

It is hard to say why certain digital marketers decided to opt for such email marketing malpractices. Most spam emails occur because the sender is a digital marketer who purchased email lists in bulk or uses old databases that have not been updated in a long time. There’s also those who keep sending dozens of emails every day, flooding the recipient’s inbox.

Crossing the Line

In all honesty, I think no marketer wants to become a spammer. But most marketers cross the line and tiptoe into spammer territory because they want to generate more leads.

Regardless, everything in life has a balance. In order to generate more leads you need to improve your marketing strategies first. But if you are hell-bent on multiplying their number of leads in a matter of seconds, you would rather opt for an easier solution. Like buying email lists.

Now such lists contain either defunct email addresses or email addresses of people who are unqualified as prospects. For all we know, they are not even interested in the product that the email is trying to sell. You will hit a wall because neither you know them nor they know you. Along with that you have no idea how or where the seller procured said list.

This aggressive and greedy nature will not help you gain leads or build a good reputation. If anything, it will do the exact opposite of that. Impatience along a desire for making quick bucks will not get anyone anywhere.

Facing the Consequences

Whenever someone opts for an easy way out, they are bound to face the consequences sooner or later. For starters, if you indulge in such unscrupulous methods of marketing you will end up making less money. This is simply because your reputation will be tarnished after a period of time.

When it comes to email marketing, instant gratification does not work, and reputation matters more than anything else. Email companies have their own ways of fighting spam, and they keep track of the number of complaints that your domain and IP addresses generate.

If your domain is flagged, it is not good for your business. Once your reputation is ruined, you will have a really hard time reestablishing yourself as a reputable and trustworthy organization.

In fact even if you are is sending carefully crafted emails that are not ending up as spam, it can still be flagged for having a high bounce rate. This will happen if your email lists are low quality, old and poorly maintained. And low deliverability will equal to less profits.

In the end the ESP will shut down your domain in order to save themselves from the onslaught of fines levied for malpractice. Spammy, unsolicited emails do not really help anyone to create any kind of positive impact at all.

Of course, some marketers have found a way to escape domain blacklisting by using multiple similar sounding domain addresses. You may bluff the domain registrars but customers can easily see through this.

Striking a Balance

Numbers please us. The more the merrier. But that should not be the way how you should approach your marketing strategy just to pump up your revenue. Instead of aiming at higher number of leads, you should aim at an improved conversion rate.

Would you rather have 10 email addresses in your contact list who are all interested in your product or would you be pleased to have 100 email addresses in your contact list out of which only 10 are interested?

A large list does not mean it is a good thing. You should look at how to increase your engagement rather than increasing the number of leads that you can generate.

Don’t Give In, Fight It

The amount of advancement that technology has achieved in the field of Marketing and Sales is amazing. Marketers now have access to solutions that they could have never dreamt of even in their wildest dreams.

Spamming was never acceptable, but earlier on, it was the only way for many marketers to get their message across to their prospects and customers. However, things have changed now. Or at least you can consciously opt not to spam your subscribers, prospects and consumers.

How so? With a marketing automation platform, you can automate your marketing activities and improve your ROI. It will help you run your email marketing campaigns smoothly and generate quality leads without needing to spam people. Here’s how marketing automation helps you:

  1. Segmentation

Marketing automation platforms let you segment your prospects, subscribers and customers based on their actions and preferences. Before you start sending them emails, you should ask them to let you know what they want and how frequently they want you to contact them. With that sorted, you already have one obstacle out of the way.

You can then group them accordingly. Furthermore, once you know their likes and dislikes, you can create sub-groups and segment them further. Group them further using demographic variables and then you will end up with various small groups of like-minded people.

You know what every group wants, and when they want. You can now email them according to the segmentation.

  1. Update

Marketing automation platforms allow you to run various forms of email marketing campaigns. One such is a re-engagement campaigns for leads and prospects who have gone cold, customers who have stopped purchasing from you or interacting with your emails and anyone else whose lead score is stagnating.

In most cases these are people who are no longer interest in your product or your brand. They are crowding up your email list and reducing your rate of conversion. They are increasing your bounce rate and damaging your email reputation.

Re-engagement campaigns are a good way of trimming your contact lists and updating them. It helps you reconnect with prospects and customers who might be interested and lets you cut off the dead weight i.e. the uninterested.

  1. Appearance

Appearance counts. In fact even before people read the email, they “see” it. If it is visually appealing only then will they read it. However in order to make them “see” it, you need a captivating subject. Spam emails have a distinguishable appearance.

Even if you are not a spammer, you should avoid it because most people will avoid such emails. They will not consider your reputation or your brand name if you keep sending emails that look shabby or dodgy.

With marketing automation you get access to innumerable attractive email templates that you can use for your campaign purposes. You don’t need to be a designer or even seek help from a professional designer when you have a marketing automation tool by your side.

  1. Reporting

All marketing automation tools offer reporting capabilities to some extent. These automated reports help you understand how each and every campaign is performing. You can tweak your campaigns with these reports as reference in order to maximize your success rate. You should focus on both your strengths and weaknesses. These reports will reveal the entire picture so that you can strengthen your weaknesses.

Keep an eye out for the number of clicks, soft bounces, hard bounces, open rates, complaints and unsubscribes. These will all be mentioned in your email marketing campaign reports. You can modify your campaigns without losing sleep!

  1. Permission Marketing

Any form of marketing without the recipient’s permission is spam. It’s as simple as that. With marketing automation, marketing can manage permission marketing campaigns effectively.

The Bottom Line

No one likes spam. Neither do you. If you don’t like spam, then why should you spam others? Think like your subscriber, only then would you be able to understand them.

Your prospects are human too. Sometimes they sign-up just to get a freebie or a promotional offer. Then they forget about you. Probably they are not even interested in your brand. Annoying them with your emails does not really help your cause.

Marketing automation helps you engage real prospects who are interested in receiving emails from you. Aiming for quantity might not yield much, but aiming for quality will always make your day.

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