5 Advancements in Marketing Automation to Watch Out For

5 Advancements in Marketing Automation to Watch Out For

Advancements in marketing automation are at an all-time high. Marketing technology itself is improving every day. What was cool and popular two years back is now becoming obsolete. It’s a strange but equally exciting time we are living in. Here are the top 5 advancements in marketing automation that you should watch out for:

#1: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Sounds like a dream, right? It actually is. As kids, everyone liked watching sci-fi flicks riddled with AI characters. Now all of that is coming to life. AI integrations in marketing automation platforms will help take predictive analytics to a whole new level.

As a marketer, you will not need to guess what content to produce. You can just hit the target by using AI and produce the exact content your readers want. You will be able to prevent fraudulent transactions on your website. Sales forecasting too will be extremely accurate because your AI will be monitoring everything around the clock.

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#2: Bots

Bots can help you by taking over messaging platforms while you are away. Technology has gone a long way and it is now allowing us to program bots governed by AI. Let’s say you have a chatbot that takes care of customer queries on Facebook. Your marketing automation platform can be connected to your social media account, and now you can govern your chatbot, give it instructions and redirect customers all from the comfort of your marketing automation platform.

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#3: Virtual Reality

With interactive content touted to be the next big thing in content marketing, how can we leave out Virtual Reality(VR)? In fact, VR headsets are being bought by people other than gamers as well. More and more websites are producing VR content and cashing in on this rage. With a robust VR platform, you can monitor what VR content your leads likes and produce similar content to win them over. Moreover, you can track their behavior, track eye movements and figure out what it is that they exactly like or dislike about your content.

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#4: Machine Learning

Machine learning is the next big thing in the world of marketing. It is perhaps one of the greatest advancements in marketing automation. Just imagine, your marketing automation platform not only collects data but comprehends them, takes decisions and learns from it to improve itself. Sounds something right out of an Isaac Asimov novel?

Well, not anymore. For example, think about how Facebook can correctly identify whom to tag in your photos? That is nothing but machine learning. Basically, machine learning relies on large amounts of data. It is data that makes it serve you and your customers better.

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#5: Omnichannel Marketing

As a modern day marketer, you need to make your brand’s presence felt across multiple marketing channels. Marketing automation allows you to control and track all your marketing channels from one dashboard.  Do you want to improve your customer retention? Are you looking forward to increasing your revenue? Do you want to get more influential insights on your customers? Then, this is what you need.

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Bottom Line

These advancements in marketing automation are nothing short of revolutionary. But if you are using a legacy marketing automation platform you might not be able to avail these benefits. The thing is, legacy platforms evolved from email marketing software. So, you will not be able to reap the benefits of these advancements in legacy marketing automation. But that should not stop you. Opt for a next-generation omnichannel marketing automation system.

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