How To Create A Social Media Strategy For Your Business

How To Create A Social Media Strategy For Your Business

Social media is overwhelming at times, don’t you think? The number of channels keeps on increasing every year and new features get added to the existing ones every other day. It is pretty confusing at times for many marketers. And, it can actually throw all your digital marketing efforts into a state of disarray. While that sounds terrifying, there are still ways by which you can ensure that does not happen. Your best bet to navigate through this maze successfully would be to chalk out an effective social media strategy for your business.

Defining Your Audience

Social media channels are like vast oceans made up of billions of tiny water droplets. In this case, every drop of water represents a human being. However, not all of them are interested in your brand or in the products that you have to offer. So, your first step while developing a social media strategy is to identify your buyer personas.

How would you describe your ideal buyer? Concentrate on understanding what problems you can solve. This will help you seek out your target audience. Of course, while you do this, you will come across leads who do not fit the buyer persona. Don’t let that bother you. If you just keep concentrating on your buyer personas, you will keep attracting the audience that matters the most.

Create Content That Sells!

Social media is a place that is completely governed by content. Articles, blogs, images, videos, etc. you name it, it’s there. Your social media strategy needs a strong dose of content to keep up a presence. Start blogging aggressively. Create as many relevant articles as you can and keep posting them on your social media channels.  This will help you generate traffic for your blog and also give visitors a chance to sign up.

The most important thing about content is consistency. Of course, quality matters as well. But consistency will help you project your brand’s identity in a better way. Another thing about content that you will have to keep in mind is that every social media channel is different. Your content should reflect that.

Invest some time and energy to create engaging infographics and images pertaining to your brand. People like articles and posts, but anything graphic helps to catch people’s eyes easily. While creating content, do not forget about your audience. Your aim, at all points, should be to help your audience. Your content too should be focused around solving their problems. So make sure to put in a few education content in the mix as well.

Focus On What Matters Most

If you are a small business, I think you should focus on a few key social media channels. For this, you will have to conduct some research and map your buyer personas. This will reveal where most of your audience lies.

Trust me, if you focus on only two or three key channels, you will not be losing out on much in terms of business. You will still be generating the leads that you intended to, give or take a few and the pressure will be much less. In fact, I think it’s better that you start off with the key channels and then add more as you slowly gain expertise in this domain.

Metrics & Tactics

Digital marketing has a lot of advantages. One of those has to be measurement tools. You can measure the success of your campaigns. You can see what is working for you and what is not. So, use whatever tools that you have at your disposal to measure how your social media strategy is doing. What kind of content is generating the most amount of leads?

Consider producing more of such content. Measure the engagement rate of each and every post that you make on social media and monitor what people are saying about you. Ultimately, use these metrics to improve your social media strategy and the tactics that you employ to drive up engagement.

Keep Improving Your Social Media Strategy

You might be winning a lot of business from social media channels right now, but do not get complacent. There is always room for improvement, so keep tweaking your strategy. The most important thing you need to remember is to loosen up because social media is an informal channel. Be quirky and funny within reasonable limits and keep focusing on how to solve problems.

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