Why you should implement Marketing Automation from Day 1 of launching a business

Implement marketing automation

At this day and age, adopting marketing automation has become a crucial step to achieving success. If you are planning to launch a business, look no further. If you implement marketing automation, you won’t really need any other marketing tool. Along with that, once you integrate your marketing automation with a CRM system, you are set to reap benefits in the form of profits.

Here’s why you should implement marketing automation from Day 1 of launching a business:

1.You have a powerful sales/marketing funnel

The primary aspect of the consumers nowadays is that they are well-informed. They have multiple channels of information at their disposal. They can access any information they want on social media, review websites, etc. When they want to know more, they can directly contact you via emails and live-chat.

Moreover, selling has evolved from being the job of the sales department alone to the combined job of marketing & sales. So the traditional sales/marketing funnel has evolved into a three-tier funnel.

The top tier is Top of Funnel (ToFU), then Middle of Funnel (MoFU), and Bottom of Funnel (BoFU). Every lead goes through this journey before they become sales-ready. A typical funnel would have the newest leads in ToFU, with the more informed in MoFU and finally the sales-ready ones at BoFU.

With marketing automation you can get the clearest picture possible of your sales tunnel. With help of the lead scoring module, you can assign scores to every single lead that goes through your funnel. As the score grows, the position of the lead will change, as it will move towards the BoFU. You will be able to see the score of each lead, and where they are in the sales funnel at any given point of time.

With such a powerful funnel at your disposal, all you have to do is create crisp content for your leads.

2.You start collecting customer info from the very first customer

Most marketing automation platforms have options to integrate CRM systems. And, we guess you probably have one as well.

CRMs have been a reliable source of customer data for decades. The marketing automation-CRM integration allows you to collect information from demographics to behavioral data using marketing automation and then passing it to your CRM.

For example, a consumer wants to buy a product that you sell. They would surf the internet and wade through blogs, websites, social media channels, etc. to gather information about the product. As we have already mentioned before, consumers are well-informed nowadays.

Once they conduct their research, they would start visiting the websites who offer the product. So, once they enter your website, you can collect information from these new visitors by creating landing pages and customized forms on your marketing automation platform.

Now, this will be the primary information or the demographic data of leads. Once they start their journey in the sales/marketing funnel, you can collect behavioral data from them and store it in the CRM as well. You will be able to watch what each lead likes or dislikes and what problem they want you to solve. Accordingly you can provide them assistance and close more deals.

So, you will have information from the very first lead to the very first customer stored in your CRM via.marketing automation.

Due to this integration, sales too can access any information that they want on any lead from the very beginning of their journey in the funnel.

3.All visitors and leads are segmented properly

Marketing automation allows you to segment visitors and leads according to their likes and preferences. This helps you target your audience better.

You can segment them as much as you want. This will in turn ensure that your leads have a greatly personalized experience. If you are starting a business, implementing marketing automation will allow you to segment every lead starting with your first visitor.

Once you have segmented them, you can start sending them content based on their preferences and position in the sales/marketing funnel.

The better you segment your leads, the more value your brand will be attributed.

4.Dynamic content for serving personalised information to every visitor

If you want your business to succeed, you will need content to communicate directly with your target audience. Without content you will not be able to put your thought across. Moreover, if you want to implement marketing automation, you will need relevant content to run it.

Dynamic content as the name suggests means content that is smart and changes according to lead behavior. What one lead might see the other might not, because the content is customized to suit the consumer. Not only that, if you want your leads to turn into repeat customers, you will have to serve them the right content based on their position in the sales/marketing funnel and segment.

Since you already have the information you need stored in your CRM, you can use dynamic content to your advantage. This will result in an extremely personalised experience for every lead, prospect and customer.

For example a lead in ToFU has just begun their journey in the funnel. So they might want to know more about your industry or very basic information that will lay down the foundation. Sending them information and offers of your products will put them off, and they will probably end up in your competitor’s funnel.

5.Analytics: Helps marketers analyse the conversion and other important metrics

Marketing automation is a one-stop powerhouse for marketing and sales. It measures and analyses all your campaigns so that you know what is working and what is not.

On one hand the closed-loop reporting lets you know which campaign brought in which lead. On the other hand, landing page reports and email reports let you know how each of them are performing.

Marketers can use this data and treat them as feedback to tweak their marketing automation. If you start using marketing automation from day 1, you will have a better chance to establish your brand faster and better.

6.All marketing channels are aligned and manageable from a single dashboard

Marketing automation is single-platform product. All your social media channels, email, blogs, etc. can be accessed from one dashboard. There is no need for any other tool, if you have marketing automation.

Having all channels aligned in a single platform lets you see the bigger picture. You know what each lead is saying about your organization on social media channels. You know their every action, and hence provide them with content that suits their needs.

Marketing automation lets you be a better business overall. It lets you cater to every need of the modern customer. It helps you grow your brand and reach out to the right audience at the right moment. Marketing automation is versatile and robust, and if you can tap into its potential, the possibilities are endless.

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