3 Ways Marketing Automation Can Make You a Better Marketer

Better Marketer

Marketing automation helps you with repetitive automation tasks, allowing you to focus on far more important things. It helps you increase your revenue and efficiency at the same time with its lead management function. On top of that you get to run successful marketing campaigns and reach out to your target audience and be a better marketer.

But you have to ensure that it is implemented properly. It is slowly becoming a necessity for marketers because technology is getting better day by day. Not only that, once you adopt marketing automation, you will be able to actually devote your time to chalk out marketing strategies to take your organization forward.

When you think about marketing automation and what it can offer you, the first thought is ROI. Does it have enough revenue-generating potential in it? What about cost-savings benefits? Marketing automation is misunderstood at times, and there are so many misconceptions that surround it. Marketers need to understand that marketing automation is more than a tool in the right hands. In the right hands, one can reach the sky using automation.

In a nutshell, automation gives you more for less. It is perfect if you have limited time and resources, and investing in such a tool will be justified in course of time. Marketing automation actually helps you become a better marketer, and here’s how:

#1. For Better Personalization

When you implement a marketing automation platform in your organization, you should utilize this opportunity to up the ante when it comes to personalization! Your visitors, prospects and customers all expect a certain level of personalized content when they interact with your organization. Personalization ensures that the content you serve is relevant to a certain individual. You cannot possibly gain anything from sending a bikini sale coupon to a forty-year old man, can you?

No. That is exactly our point. In fact, 74% of consumers are frustrated with the fact that companies send them content that has nothing to do with their interests.

When it comes to marketing content, relevance is the key. With marketing automation, you can use the tracking feature in order to know more about the people who visit your website. Dig deeper into where they are coming from and what they want. You will be able to serve dynamic content based on people’s tastes and preferences, then. With personalized landing pages that you can create using your marketing automation platform, you can improve your conversion rates. Dynamic content will help serve personalized content to each and every visitor on your website. Set up forms that visitors can fill in to tell you what they are interested in. Segment your lists as much as you can so that every segment can receive content that is relevant to them. All these key features of marketing automation can be optimized depending on your need.

#2. To Cut Costs

When you actually think about it, marketing content contains two parts, design and copy. Now marketing content is not only limited to emails. There are eBooks, newsletters, landing pages, webinars, marketing collateral, everything needs its fair share of copywriting and designing. Most companies tend to outsource their content so that they can invest the time they save on other important initiatives. But when you are outsourcing, you are also parting ways with a certain chunk of your marketing budget. It might seem excess but it is also necessary because you want your organization to succeed. But now with marketing automation, you can design and create email templates, landing pages, and other marketing collateral hassle-free. You do not even need to have any prior knowledge about designing or HTML in order to do so. This will help you cut costs and free up some budget.

Now, all you need to do is host your content in your automation tool, setup landing pages for your visitors, so that they can provide you with their information in exchange of some assets and use those details to distribute content accordingly.

#3. See What’s Working — and What’s Not

Marketing automation is not a machine that you can turn on and it will take care of everything. You have to monitor your automation activities and tweak it accordingly to determine what works for you. Measuring and assessing your processes through detailed reports will help you identify your strengths and businesses. These insights are a great feature of any marketing automation platform if used correctly. It will help you understand every interaction that you have ever had with a prospect and what went good or bad. You will be able to identify the snags in your strategies and improve them as required. Doing this continuously is bound to give you positive results in the long run. Not only that, this will generate more leads and you will be able to retain more customers.

As a marketer you need to evolve continuously and marketing automation makes that evolutionary process a tad bit easier. Of course, you need to harness the technology properly, otherwise it might backfire. But don’t worry, that’s why we are here.

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