Why Marketing Automation Training is Vital for your Marketing Team?

marketing automation training

Marketing automation is here to change the world of marketing forever. By now, most marketers are aware of what it is. Quite a handful of them have already started using it. The rest are thinking about implementing it by the end of next year.

However, it is a grossly misinterpreted tool. Many marketers have this notion that marketing automation literally automates all marketing tasks. Yes, to an extent it does. But you will have to constantly monitor it, configure it and try to get the most out of it.

Not doing any of the above results in failure as far as marketing automation is concerned. In order to truly realize how marketing automation works, you need to invest in marketing automation training and education. It does not matter how much you spend on your marketing automation tool. Spending more on it does not really help your cause. What matters is how successful your marketing campaigns are. In order to be successful, marketing automation training is vital for your marketing department. Instead of spending more money on your marketing automation software, you should invest that in training.

Moreover, if you do not have any marketing staff to invest in their marketing automation training, you will have to increase your training budget and hire marketing automation experts who are skilled in this art. The process of learning is a must in whichever path you choose. It does not matter how skilled of a marketer you are, you need to get hands-on marketing automation training in order to learn more.

You must be wondering as to why we are talking about marketing automation training so much more than marketing automation itself. The ultimate aim of any marketing department should be to generate as many “sales-ready” leads as possible for their sales. With marketing automation, certain marketing tasks become easier. Not only that, you can delve deeper into marketing with the help of different marketing automation features. For example, with the help of your marketing automation software, you can track the actions of any visitor on your website in real-time. Every time they reach a landing page, click a download button, fill a form, you get a notification.

But in order to utilize such wonderful features of marketing automation, you need more than the usual dosage of digital marketing training. Why so?

Here’s why.

Lead Generation

Generating leads is an essential part of a marketer’s job. With marketing automation, this has become easier as well as more efficient. You get access to more data, which in turn gives you the opportunity to generate more leads. But without proper knowhow and training, it is impossible to tap into these features of marketing automation.

Marketing automation allows you to capture and attract leads by conducting marketing campaigns seamlessly. In order to conduct successful marketing campaigns, automation tools allow you to set up forms which will in turn generate demographic and preferential data of your visitors. You can offer them something in return, for example a free download. With this data, you can segment your leads further for a personalized experience. This is what stands out in marketing automation tools the most, a unique level of personalization. But, in order to unlock this, you need proper marketing automation training.

You need to understand how lead segmentation works so that you can unleash its true potential.

Lead Nurturing

But your marketing automation tool does not stop there. In fact just generating leads do not cut it. You need to nurture them as well. Otherwise who will purchase your offerings? Marketing automation training will enable you and your team to understand how lead nurturing can be done through marketing automation. You can start off with drip marketing campaigns in order to keep your prospects moving through the buy cycle. You can also set up a lead scoring model that will allow you to assign scores to every lead based on real-time actions. But you need proper working knowledge of a marketing automation system to set up a lead scoring system in the first place. Lead scoring will help you identify which prospects are “sales-ready”. Without proper marketing automation training, most marketers only resort to email marketing through their marketing automation tool. But it is not a glorified marketing automation tool.

It is so much more than that.

You get a complete marketing experience through this tool. Not only that, your visitors, prospects and customers get a rich, personalized experience. But all of this is impossible without proper training. You need to educate yourself so that you can operate your marketing automation tool smoothly. You will be able to churn more from your marketing automation tool, if you understand how it works.

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