What Your Marketing Automation Vendor Won’t Ever Tell You?

things your marketing automation vendor won't tell you
Marketing automation is on the rise. More and more companies are recognizing the great gem that is marketing automation and adopting it to meet their needs. According to Capterra, there are 215 marketing automation solutions readily available for a company. That’s a lot of vendors all over the world for something that is just catching on.

But, just like any other business, there are hidden facts. These facts do not come out to the surface until experienced (trust us, you really don’t want to experience some of these!). Your marketing automation system vendor will never point these out for you probably thinking that you already know that or saying that might drive away business.

Here are the top facts that your marketing automation vendor will never tell you:

#1: Your Data Will Be Stored on Their Servers. No Big Deal but be Ready for it.
What marketing automation vendors never tell you is that they store your data on the cloud. And, it does not end there. If you are in an industry which is highly regulated like banking and financial, government etc. and plan to opt for marketing automation, then such an arrangement might not work for you. You have to store your confidential data on the marketing automation vendor’s servers, and chances are regulations may not allow you to store that outside the country. So, when you are going to buy your marketing automation tool, make sure to ask the vendor their server location and whether or not they have a server location in your country. You should verify this information first before buying anything.

#2: You can Import Lists from Existing Systems but can’t Import User Behavior data from an existing Marketing Automation System.
With the help of a marketing automation tool, you can store truckloads of important information ranging from demographic details to behavioral data of a customer. But, what if you decide to switch marketing automation systems? Then, what? Then you set to lose all the behavioral data that you had curated while you used your previous platform. You can only import contact information such as name, address, contact details etc. when you switch platforms. So, our advice to you would be to be very careful while choosing a marketing automation platform the first time, so that you do not need to replace it later.

Marketing Automation companies charge customers based on the number of contacts so it’s highly unlikely that the vendor will disclose this to you.

#3: You won’t be able to Export User Behavioral Data into Another System
Behavioral Data that you have gathered using one marketing automation platform cannot be transferred to another system. This is an impossible task. Unless and until you need to change your system, this realization probably will not hit you. So, basically to sum it up, choose your marketing automation tool carefully. One wrong platform and you will end up regretting it.

#4: Implementation services do not take care of end-to-end Implementation, Integration with Existing Apps.
While the biggies of marketing automation vendors charge hefty fees compared to the small players, an issue of implementation arises. For example, the smaller marketing automation vendors do not provide any sort of implementation assistance apart from the online tutorials and FAQs and maybe online support. However, the big marketing automation vendors who charge a lot more do not really provide end-to-end implementation completely. They will provide assistance through tutorials, educational content, one-to-one online/phone sessions but there will never be a complete end-to-end implementation, that will let you integrate with existing apps. You will have to do that yourself.

Our word of advice, use the services of a specialist marketing automation vendor who will help you identify the right marketing automation system, help you with complete implementation and integrate your existing systems with the marketing automation system.

#5: Your email reputation is at risk on a shared IP
When you opt for a marketing automation tool, you automatically get assigned to a shared IP that is used by hundreds, if not thousands of other marketing automation users on the same platform. That might be detrimental to your email reputation. Because if any of those users are engaging in unscrupulous mailing activities, your email delivery suffers. So, when buying a marketing automation platform, always ask for a dedicated server that will be used solely by you and your organization. Then you will not have to deal with any such problems that usually arises because of a shared IP. Sometimes, the cost of a dedicated IP may be more than the cost of the marketing automation system itself. Be sure to check the prices of all value added services in advance.

#6: The Tracking Code might Slow Down your Website
Marketing automation platforms provide JavaScript that you can copy and paste onto the header file of your webpages. However, it might slow down your website. So, consider placing it in the footer. Doing so will let your visitor browse your website while the JavaScript loads in the background. You have to optimize your webpages to the fullest in order to provide your visitors a hassle-free experience.

Ask your marketing automation vendor about the loading time of the JavaScript and how other customers have overcome this.

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