Warning: You are Losing Money by Not Using Marketing Automation

not using marketing automation

If you are selling any product or service online, chances are you are losing money every day if you are not using marketing automation. At this moment your question will be an astounding, “HOW?”

Our answer is due to cart abandonment, if you are an ecommerce company and lost opportunities in case of other businesses with an online presence. On any given day, there are innumerable visitors that land up on your website but somehow they never convert to leads or paying customers. They are there on your website, so this would mean they were somewhat interested in your brand. But for some reason they never end up being your leads or customers.

You have no idea why not. Moreover you have no idea who they are.

Many times, marketers are contended with the conversion rates their websites have. Fro example, if your visitor to signup conversion rate is 10%, it’s pretty good. But there is nothing to be glad about because 90% visitors haven’t signed up on your website. Imagine a situation, where the money hitting your bank is much more than currently. Instead of procrastinating, it is time that you changed this situation.  And you can only change the situation when you have the right data with you. When you know who these leads are, you can actively persuade them or nurture them to turn the situation around.

With marketing automation, you can actually stop losing money in this manner. Many marketers have started opting for marketing automation as a viable solution. But you will also have to implement it properly in order to benefit from it.

Being an effective marketer using marketing automation means you have access to rich and insightful data. This in turn means you can use this data to personalize your customer interactions and automate your lead nurturing process. Such a tool helps marketers to qualify and nurture large number of leads at the same time, capturing interactions across channels and storing them to analyze the results. You get to eliminate all sorts of operational inefficiencies and bring in more revenue for your organization by closing more deals.

In a nutshell, you are losing money by not using marketing automation.

Boost Conversion Rates

Your website visitors landed on your website because they were interested in your offerings: products or your content. But they will stay back and signup only if they find something relevant. The problem with websites is that the content mostly remains the same for every visitor. Marketing Automation can give you the insights and help you display personalized content based on the visitors’ location, past visit interactions, preferences and even stage on the marketing and sales funnel. All of these singularly or together improves the customer’s experience on your website thereby increasing the conversion rates.

Lead Management

Marketing automation platforms provide marketers with a lead management system unlike no other. With that, you can track every visitor on your website, including their actions. Now, once these visitors become leads, you can scrutinize them and find out their tastes and preferences. You can use the lead segmentation feature of marketing automation to segment them accordingly. Once you have done that, you can track their actions and find out their position in the sales funnel.

Accordingly you feed them content customized for them. But how do you know that a lead is close to qualifying or needs more nurturing? Marketing automation has an easy solution for that. You have access to a feature called lead scoring. What lead scoring essentially lets you do is assign scores to every lead based on their actions. Now based on those scores, you can set a qualifying score. The leads who qualify can now be sent over to sales. While the ones who don’t will need more nurturing. Similarly you can find out the leads who are close to making a purchase, but somehow they are not taking any action. You can launch re-engagement campaigns for leads who have gone cold, based on their lead scores.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content as the name suggests is dynamic and customizable in nature, tailor-made for each lead in your pipeline. For example, if you are conducting a drip campaign, every email that a lead gets will be personalized for them. The level of customization will depend on their position in the sales funnel as well as their preferences. You can create different content ranging from PDFs, eBooks, webinars, white sheets, newsletters, all based on your leads. You can use dynamic content on your website to display what your customer wants to see, and not what you want the customer to see. This will give your leads a sense of belonging and they will want to make a purchase from a company who looks out for their customers.

CRM Integration

With marketing automation, you can integrate your marketing department with sales through effective CRM integration. Such a level of integration will allow Sales to track the journey of every lead since its inception. Not only that, it will also promote harmony between these two departments. Sales can no longer complain about the quality of leads, because you will be using marketing automation to qualify leads. With such precise marketing and sales efforts, your organization’s revenue is bound to improve and you will stop losing customers, thereby increasing your top line.

If you are loosing money by not using marketing automation then consider implementing a robust marketing automation system. You can also schedule a FREE consultation with us to discuss the most appropriate marketing solution for your online business.

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