Silliest Quora Questions About Marketing Automation

The 31 Silliest Quora Questions About Marketing Automation

Quora is a great community to ask questions and (hopefully) receive answers that are helpful enough to solve your problems. So, I decided to go on Quora and see what people were asking about marketing automation. I saw a lot of questions, and then I noticed a trend. Some of these questions clearly point out that most people have a very vague idea about marketing automation. So, I came up with my own list of the silliest Quora questions about marketing automation.

The Reason For Doing This?

Mass awareness of course. Asking silly questions is not your fault or mine. Unless you ask a few silly ones, I don’t think you can succeed in life. But, these Quora questions about marketing automation need to be answered once and for all. Most answers are blatant advertising ploys to promote products and do not really answer the question at hand. Most of them fail to solve the problem and people keep asking the same things over and over again. I believe these questions form the very basis of our knowledge about marketing automation. As a marketer, I think all my fellow marketers out there can benefit a lot from this.

Question: What Is The Best Marketing Automation Tool?

Well, with so many marketing automation vendors out there, it is indeed one of the Quora questions about marketing automation that should baffle people. But, the answer is, there is no “best marketing automation tool”. Each company has their own set of needs and requirements.

Every Marketing and Sales department in these companies have their own sets of long-term and short-term goals. So, for every company, there is a different “best marketing automation tool” waiting out there. In fact, every platform is different. Features differ from tool to tool and what might seem beneficial for you might not be helpful for me. Hence, choosing the right fit for your company is a task that you should not treat lightly. It’s important that you get it right the first time because migrating from one system to another is a major pain.

Question: What Is The Best CRM Tool That Includes Marketing Automation For Email Campaigns?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM tools are used by Sales departments all around the world. But it has its own set of limitations that gave rise to a tool like marketing automation. So, the simple answer is CRM tools DO NOT INCLUDE any form of marketing automation whatsoever. Not even for email campaigns. CRMs cannot automate anything for you, they can only serve as databases for leads. This is one of the Quora questions about marketing automation that clearly show that people have no idea that marketing automation and CRM are different entities.

If you want to automate your email marketing campaigns only, I would suggest that you go for an email marketing tool. It is not as expensive as a marketing automation tool, and will certainly go a long way to aid your efforts. However, if you want to venture out of email automation and into other territories like lead management, dynamic content, personalization, etc., then you will have to opt for a marketing automation tool.

Now, if you are looking for more effectiveness, you can integrate your automation tool with your CRM. This will help you share data with Sales.

Question: Is There A Sales Tool That Can Write The Copy Of A Cold E-mail Using An Article And A Bio Of The Recipient?

This question is a clever ploy from an over enthusiastic marketer blowing his own trumpet.There is no tool that remotely does anything like this.  However, the closest you can get is with marketing automation. Using personalization features like dynamic content, you can create customized templates for your cold emails. In fact, your marketing automation software will probably be able to reveal valuable information about the prospect that you are trying to contact, so that you can craft your emails better.

Question: Where Do I Find A Virtual Assistant For Completing Tasks Like Marketing Automation And Newsletter Marketing?

This is perhaps one of the most silliest Quora questions about marketing automation out there. If you have a marketing automation tool, you do not need a virtual assistant to automate your newsletter marketing. In fact, with a marketing automation tool, you can design better newsletters and personalize every email that you send out to your subscribers. There is no manual labor involved and the rest will be automated by your platform. Your marketing automation tool essentially becomes your virtual assistant.

Question: Is Anyone Using Their Marketing Automation System, Such As HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, etc. Simply As An Email Marketing Tool?

This question further goes on to explain that the user is using it only for email marketing and does not use any other features. In fact, it clearly states that they do not plan to use any other features at all. There are various ways to go about this.

Using a marketing automation tool only for email, simply put, is a terrible way to waste marketing budget. Either you can go for a sophisticated email marketing tool that solely specializes in email marketing or you should go for a marketing automation platform with limited features but does focus on lead management and email marketing. It all boils down to choosing the right platform based on your needs.

From what I can gather, whoever asked this question probably thinks that going for the biggest names in marketing automation is the answer to every marketing problem. The truth is, it is not. Your company might require something different from a company that thinks Pardot is a perfect fit for them. You need to understand this and choose your tool carefully.

Question: What Is The Best Method For Measuring The Time Between A Lead Coming In And The First Contact From The Sales Team? Is There An Opportunity in HubSpot?

Indeed there is a method. That method is called lead scoring. In fact, it is a method that is included in all marketing automation platforms that have a lead management module.

Lead scoring helps you to track your leads and assign them scores based on their actions. If they open your email, they get one point. If they click on the call-to-action in the email, they get three points. You get the drift. Accordingly, you can set up a qualifying score, and when a lead reaches that specific score, your Sales team will get an alert. This will let them know that they need to attend to a particular lead. It helps you to minimize lost sales and close more deals.

The Road Ahead

The handful of Quora questions about marketing automation that I answered more or less covers all the basics. However, if you want to know more, read up on marketing automation. More importantly read up on what it has to offer. Most of these questions reveal one thing: the one asking the question does not know the product that they are using very well. If you do not know your own platform, you will be facing a lot of trouble in the future.

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