Super Bowl 2017 – How Marketing Automation Can Help Marketers

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The Super Bowl might be over for this year, but the fever has not died down completely. For marketers, the Super Bowl is more than just a sporting event. It is an opportunity to market their brands to an enormous audience. Hence competition for placing ads are high leading to steep prices for ad spots.

Advertisers see a surge in their digital traffic from website visitors to social media engagement during this time. Companies rush in every year and by October almost all the slots get filled up. But, prices have skyrocketed like anything by 2017 and the number of audience is not really increasing. It is decreasing.

It is a major cause of concern because there were still a few slots left even after December this year. The expenses are not justified for some companies anymore. Costs of slots have doubled in the span of 5 years. The costs are only justified when you have the sales to prove it. But that is a pretty difficult task considering the amount a brand needs to spend.

Brands pay around $5-5.5 million for a 30 second spot. Then there’s the cost of making the ad which will be somewhere around a million dollars. Then you need to take care of the digital aspect and push your campaign everywhere on social media. Add PR and sales programs to it and you are looking at a figure $10-12 million+.

Marketer are wary of taking this kind of risks these days, specially when the marketing outcomes aren’t tangible. The potential for Super Bowl ads is enormous, but the means are not justified at all times. Some brands need to invest just to maintain a brand presence. Not only is that a difficult situation for marketers, but it becomes a nightmare for PRs as well.

Many brands in the past have faced severe backlash for their advertisements during Super Bowl and that has resulted in negative publicity and humiliation.

A Super Bowl ad can boost a brand, create excitement, spawn conversations and drive sales. These potential benefits are part of the reason companies can justify the cost. But a Super Bowl spot can also create problems; the event receives so much attention and scrutiny that a Super Bowl advertiser can find itself at the heart of a negative PR nightmare.

Super Bowl ads can make or break a brand if you wish to participate in this race. And along with the advent of social media, it has become increasingly more difficult to connect the two and get a better output. Digital media plays a big role nowadays. Look at the presidential elections over the past decade, they are a glaring example of how digital media is more important than traditional media.

In fact this was a major reason why Twitter announced that it would broadcast Thursday night football games online for people to see. This would drive up traffic and give the viewership numbers a much-needed boost.

The Super Bowl is a complex marketing platform. You can see that ads carry hashtags and URLs, in a bid to connect them to the digital campaigns. In fact this year saw more URLs in ads than hashtags. Hashtags slipped to 30% while URLs rose to 39%. There were 66 Super Bowl ads and 20 had hashtags while 26 carried URLs.

But what if, you could actually take control of this newfound traffic? You are generating so much traffic during the Super Bowl, but you do not have any way to delve deeper and nurture every visitor that chances upon your website.

But, what if you could?

With marketing automation you can. Let’s say a visitor lands up on your website watching your Super Bowl ad. Think of it as a random visitor landing on your website while looking at the ad during Super Bowl. Now obviously, there are millions of such people who look up to your website using mobile devices. And since, they are engrossed in the game, they come, they see and they go. End of the story.

Under normal circumstances, you would know you generated traffic but you would have no way to know for sure whether the traffic generated would mean more sales for you. With marketing automation, you can segment your visitors based on their tastes and preferences and then engage with them, long after the ad and the Super Bowl is over.

Then once they have provided you with the necessary information, they officially become your lead. Once they are a part of your system, you can now track every action that they take in your website. Lead scoring will allow you to see how a lead is doing, whether it needs more nurturing and so on and so forth.

You can use dynamic content to give your lead a personalized experience that no other brand can. You can reengage the lead if it goes cold.

All of these features, gives marketers are the superpowers to increase the longevity of the shelf life of their ads, ensure every visitor on the website gets tracked and engaged.

In short, marketing automation will give you total control over your traffic. It gives you time to nurture leads, and lets you transform your business radically.

Think of it. You will spend millions on your ad, and then you will be able to nurture all that traffic on your website to make more profit.

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