Esanosys joins hands with Hootsuite


We at Esanosys focus on unlocking the true marketing potential of all our clients. That is why we have partnered with the world’s leading marketing tech companies to provide seamless marketing solutions to our clients. Today, we have partnered with Hootsuite, the most preferred social media relationship platform. With over 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies using Hootsuite to track manage their social media presence, we are proud to be a Hootsuite Solution Partner. And, that would only mean one thing, more power to our clients who can harness the seemingly untapped power of social media and reach new heights.

We believe that this partnership will help you simplify your organization’s social media management by leaps and bounds. From a single integrated dashboard, you will be able to control your company’s social media activities and create specific streams to target the relevant audience. With over 125 social media channels at your disposal (Marketo, Zendesk, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.), how you want to maximise your internet presence is up to you, but needless to say, the maximisation is limitless.

With so many features in one single dashboard, you will be able to control every single aspect of your company’s social media interactions. Benefits include:

Social Media Strategy: Marketing strategies on social media and the internet has gone well beyond the stage of shares and likes. Our partnership will enable clients like you to up the ante and create a brand presence worldwide. Whatever your strategy may be, from developing new products, maximizing profits or better customer service, you will be able to achieve your goal irrespectively.

Customer Base: Your primary objective while making your presence felt all over social media is to reach out to your customers. With the dashboard’s geo-targeting functionality, you will be able to take care of potential customers all over the world as required. Customer preferences might vary across countries but geo-targeting will help you overcome all kinds of such difficulty and make your marketing strategies work seamlessly. Through customized social media reports you will be able to create a detailed description of your target demographic and effectively engage your customers accordingly.

Collaboration: By integrating all social media accounts, you’ll be able to invite associates and clients to participate together in social media management. That will benefit organizations by scheduling follow up messages, share relevant search streams to optimize their outreach and increase overall efficiency for the better.

Security: With a single dashboard you will be wondering about security issues since that will essentially monitor all your social media accounts. Compliance policies and tools that help protect your brand and its image will be always present. Along with that there are various level of security (permission levels) and advanced options that make sure that the dashboard is not misused under any circumstances.

If you are thinking of a long-term marketing solution for your company, setting aside a social media strategy will be the way forward, definitely. At Esanosys, we provide the most comprehensive marketing solutions for clients like you so that you can effectively create your own brand name hassle-free.


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