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Marketing is evolving, but it is still an integral part of any business as it was twenty years ago. However for an organization to be successful, their marketing needs to be effective and consistent. Take a look at any of the big brands, especially the brands you can trust with your eyes closed. Why are they so successful? Because they have been consistent in their marketing efforts and have shown that they care for each and every consumer. They don’t really require any marketing now with the legacy that they have built with the help of the brand.

But, in this competitive world dominated by technology, marketers are having a hard time. Consumers have started evolving so to keep up, marketing, and marketers too have to adapt themselves to this new breed of consumers. However, time and again, this has proved to be overwhelming for marketers, often leading to a burnout.

Why Burnout is so Common?

Marketers are constantly plagued by the fear that their marketing strategy is not working. They are pushing themselves to the edge, working round the clock, feeling that success is evading them on purpose. If you too feel the same and you are stressed out by your tasks, then what you might be experiencing in the onslaught of a burnout.

A burnout starts with resentment towards your job and anger riddled with frustration. If you leave this unchecked, then you are doing it wrong. Before letting a burnout take control of your life, take control of the burnout and avoid it so that you can get back on track.

What Causes a Burnout?

There are various reasons that cause a marketer’s burnout. Most of these are tied back to stress. The stress of delivering campaigns on time, the stress of leading your business to glory, the stress of achieving success in a limited time-frame. If you let that get to you, you will be spiraling towards a dark pit. It is often caused when things are not going your way and success is evading you. But it is only a matter of time before you see yourself right on track. However many marketers get frustrated before that and that results in a burnout.

One of the primary causes of burnout is the fast-paced life that we lead. Our lives are controlled by instant gratification, and if we feel that sense of gratification is somehow delayed, we get frustrated and let that frustration control us. But, there are various ways you can avoid a burnout in the first place.

How to Avoid a Burnout?

The first thing that you should do to avoid a burnout is to identify the source of your burnout. As marketers we are always stressed, but before we face the wrath of a burnout, it is better if we just identify the source and keep it in check. Overworking, isolation, stress are all major sources of a burnout. Develop a plan of action to address these problems.

Create plans ahead of time. While it is good to be spontaneous, but when it comes to work, it is better that you prepare your calendar beforehand. This will give you time to prepare yourself mentally so that you don’t feel stressed. It will help you eliminate the guess-work involved so that you can do what you planned to do, stress-free.

Burnouts are often associated with periods of extreme work pressure. At this point of time, give yourself a break whenever you feel overworked. Overworking only leads to physical and mental stress, and you really don’t want that.

The Solution

Always remember that you are part of a team. If you are feeling a surmounting pressure due to doing everything alone, maybe you should collaborate with other employees from your department so that you can finish the work on time, yet lessen your worries.

But nevertheless, these solutions are not foolproof. Following these all the time does not guarantee that you will not have a burnout. There are, however, better solutions that make sure that you never have a burnout.

As we have mentioned that marketing is evolving, this evolution fused with technology has given rise to a new breed of marketing technology, marketing automation. Marketing automation will automate your regular marketing tasks like emailing, profiling, lead management, content management. It will take away your source of stress and pressure, while all you have to do is monitor it, analyse the results and tweak it to make it perform better every day.

You can generate new leads which then are nurtured, automatically qualified and passed over to Sales thanks to the lead management module. These leads are nurtured, scored and segmented to make their buying experience better.

Marketing automation platforms also take care of the mundane, yet stressful, repetitive tasks of email and social media marketing leaving you stress-free. Most marketing automation systems come with the option to effectively integrate your CRM system, allowing you to share information with Sales in real time, setting up a transparent system. This helps aligning Marketing and Sales without any hassles.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We bet it makes you feel better already! Schedule a FREE consultation with us and we will sort out your marketing woes with the help of marketing automation!

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