Google Allo App: Why are Marketers Excited?

Google Allo app

After much anticipation, Google has finally rolled out Google Allo, a new messaging app that promises to revolutionize texting forever. It is also their first large scale commercial attempt at utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in an application. It is similar to popular messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, iMessage etc. It gives you the power to swap messages that self-destruct and utilizes the all-powerful Google search engine.

Talk about the Google Allo app, the AI Assistant and focus on people using the app also for search and that’s what marketers are interested in, for now there are no paid ad options but paid opportunities should open up for marketers soon.

It’s just another Messaging App, What’s the Big Deal?

Google claims that it is smarter than the messaging applications that are already available in the market. But that’s something that we will leave for you to decide. According to Google the primary problem that most popular messaging applications face that users have to put a hold to their conversation to look up an establishment like a coffee-shop or a bookstore. With Allo, the hassle of pausing a conversation to look up information is eliminated altogether. It will provide in-message assistance to keep the conversation flowing.

Not only that, but the AI keeps improving itself as you use it more and more when you need it. Another feature that the application boasts of is the Smart Reply. With a single tap you can send lightning-fast responses to your friends depending on the context. It’s “Smart” because it gives you the option to respond in a relevant fashion. For example, if a friend messaged you with a picture of their new 4K TV, Smart Reply may suggest, “Awesome!” as an apt reply. This gets better and better as you use it.

Users also get a preview of the Google Assistant which lets you have a conversation with Google. You can ask all the questions you want, and your answers will appear directly on your Allo app.

Why Are Marketers Excited?

Marketers have started drooling the moment Google Allo was launched. Primarily because Google will launch branded emojis for marketers.

So, how will it work?

Well, the AI will play a pretty important role in this. Based on the keyword that you enter, and the message as well as the conversation, it will recommend a sponsor. Obviously, this will be a paid placement opportunity for all brands. If the emoji plan goes ahead, sponsors will most likely compete with each other in order to see who can surface an emoji first.

So, in order to be the emoji that gets suggested you will have to be the number one. Not the number two or number three in Google’s search engine. That means competitive marketing content and strategies.

Google Allo is versatile because one can also think of it as a productivity tool meant for workers like Slack. With its search angle, Google can easily lend it such an angle.

It is a great opportunity for companies to establish their brand identities by tapping into consumer insights. This will force many a brand to ensure diligence when it comes to their SEO tactics since Google Allo will only pull up the top organic result. Marketers need to figure out how people will ask a question and how Google Allo will provide an answer to that. They have to figure out what type of marketing content will take them there.

If Google Allo truly becomes a popular application, it could very well go on to become the first one to amalgamate search insights with social insights.

What are your thoughts on Google Allo? Don’t forget to share your opinion below!

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