Great Marketers aren’t Technophobic

Great Marketers aren’t Technophobic

Marketing and technology goes hand in hand. Maybe more so in present times. Back in the days when marketing technology weren’t that relevant, marketers would use rolodexes and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to make do. Over the past few years technology has received a great boost. As a result, marketing technology or the technology available to marketers too have improved by a great deal. Customers too have become more alert because of the abundant availability of technology.

The Beginning of Technophobia

So, what is technophobia? Essentially, it is a fear of advanced technology. Over the years, technology has evolved and so has technophobia. It all started back during the Industrial Revolution. Mankind became aware of this new technology that made their lives easier. It was the beginning of technological progress as we know it today.

The primary fear rose out of the fact that these machines would replace humans. Humans who were unskilled or skilled in a field of work that now the machines could do. These machines could do the work at the fraction of that cost.

This fear escalated post-WWII days. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings further made people wary of technology because they viewed this as one of the evil applications of technology. The same sentiment spread through the years as more wars took place, and more such dangerous technology was being implemented.

Not only that, these ideas have spread to films as well. Popular culture as we know it has used this idea to discuss the evils of technology. As technology becomes more complex, people are becoming more afraid of modern technology in general.

Modern Technology- Don’t let it Control YOU

The technology exists to empower us, not undermine us. There are two reasons why people fear technology,

Because of its Evil Applications

Because people let it control themselves, instead of controlling it. Technology is there at your disposal. You have to know how to control it. If you are in control, then there is nothing to fear.

But let us come back to the topic at hand.

The Best Marketers aren’t Technophobic

When it comes to marketing, great marketers have always utilized whatever technology they had access to. Let us take a look at email marketing. One of the oldest forms of digital marketing is email. The marketers who started using it and mastered the art became successful in course of time. Great marketers always knew how to control technology and the same applies now as well.

With the technological boost that marketing has received in recent times, have we seen every marketer rushing towards it to implement that technology in their organization?

Not really. Barring financial issues, there is no point why one should not. What holds people back mostly is the fear of implementing new technology.

There are a number of reasons why that happens:

  • Fear of the platform not working.
  • Fear of replacing humans or even the marketer himself getting replaced in the future because of this technology.
  • These fears instill more hate for the technology so marketers become unable to implement them.


Now let us break down these points. The first point deals with the fear of the platform not working. A good marketer will know how to implement the platform correctly in the first place. Even if they don’t know, they will read up on automation literature so that they can use it correctly to achieve success.

The second point is irrelevant simply because marketing automation is not a robot. This fear is unnecessary in general. Automation needs constant monitoring that can only be done by humans. It will make work easier, but it won’t replace your work completely.

Great marketers do not fear all that and they know it is not worth it. Hence they implement these solutions and strive endlessly to achieve success.

This dislike towards automation stems from the inability or rather the fear of inability to control your marketing automation platform. Once you can overcome that fear, you can achieve anything with marketing automation. Don’t believe us, schedule a FREE consultation and see for yourself!

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