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There’s a real nip in the air, and that means holiday season is almost upon us. Thanksgiving is just some time away and once that’s over, it’s Black Friday season. As marketers, it is really an important event, but what’s more important is that you have a foolproof strategy in place. You might be ready for Black Friday, but what about the rest of the holiday season, moreover, what about Cyber Monday? Are you ready for that?

You still have some time, so before it gets too late, you should start strategizing for Cyber Monday.

Email Campaigns

Email is a marketer’s best friend. One of the most reliable, and effective method of marketing for the digital marketer, it is still pretty relevant today. You have to up your email game if you want to close the maximum amount of deals on Cyber Monday. Check whether your contact details are up to date.

Use your marketing automation tool to segment them accordingly. Once that’s taken care of, find out what each segment requires. Send them emails, notifying them that Cyber Monday is coming and there will be something for everyone. Make them anticipate the event from beforehand.

Tease them with information related to offers, bundled products, and attractive prices. Make sure your email carries a subject line that will make the recipient open it when they see it. There is no use for an email if the recipient ignores it. Make it sound exciting, and keep the body copy simple. Just write what is needed, nothing more and nothing less.

Landing Pages

We cannot emphasis enough on how landing pages are important to your Cyber Monday campaign. Create and setup multiple landing pages for specific products. It’s pretty easy to create landing pages thanks to marketing automation.

Your campaign automatically becomes more effective because you will be redirecting a potential customer to a landing page that contains product-specific offers rather than your homepage. This will ensure minimal distractions for your prospect and they can focus on a call-to-action relevant only to them.

Take advantage of dynamic content, so that landing pages are different to different customers. The more streamlined and relevant your content is, the better effect it will have on customers.

Be Mobile-Ready

Everybody’s busy, and everyone has a smartphone these days. Gone are the days when people would open their desktop or laptop to shop online. Is your website mobile-friendly? Your campaign’s effectiveness depends on it.

Spend some time as well as some resources to get your website all geared up for all that traffic you are about to generate. Optimize it, so that customers can have a better experience. Even if you do have a mobile-ready website, it does not hurt to improve it further. There’s always room for improvement. Just keep in mind that the improvement benefits your customers more than anything else.

Visit your competitor’s website, see what’s missing. Try to incorporate that in your website if you do not have that already. And best of all, get you app ready to manage the high traffic. Your Cyber Monday looks better already!


When it comes to such occasions, your team should be trained specifically, beforehand to handle all the stress associated with it. Make them aware of your strategy. Let them pitch in.

Create an educative training session around your strategy and cover all exits and entries. Your aim should be to solve any problem that may arise on Cyber Monday. Maybe it is a technical glitch, or a prospect wants to talk to a customer representative. Make sure everything is in order, and everyone from marketing and sales are geared up correctly. Don’t let anything stop you from being the market leader of your industry.


Content is the key for any marketing campaign. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, these are all just names. What matters is how you are conveying your message. Is it compelling enough? Is it relevant? Does it make sense? Avoid, typos or errors of any kind. Create content that is crisp and easy to read. Say what you have to say to your customers clearly and leave a line open for further communication.

Your content should be easy to comprehend and it should not raise too many “ifs” and “buts” in the mind of the customer. Your content should compel them to buy your product from you and that is what you should aim for.

Social Networks

Social networks are a marketer’s best friend and worst enemy. If leveraged right, it can give you positive results. Create a buzz in your social media channels with competitions, giveaways and contests.

Create a hashtag to go along with these events so that whoever takes part in it or shares a content can use it. Once it starts trending, more and more people will discover your brand. If they are interested enough they will subscribe to your page and so on and so forth. If you use your marketing budget wisely, you can target your relevant audience with Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

Do not restrict to just digital ads, create video ads pertaining to Cyber Monday. Keep it simple, yet meaningful so that your subscribers will spread the word along with you. You have no idea how many relevant and prospective customers it might reach.

Always outsmart yourself every year. Look at what you had done last year. Try to make your strategies better than that. Look at your campaign’s effectiveness. Play your strengths and eliminate all the weaknesses and faults. It does not hurt to be creative and think outside the box. Sometimes it’s the wackiest strategy that works the best!

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