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Email marketing is one of the best online marketing channels, provided you have consistently built a high quality opt-in database. You will appreciate the engaging emails we create and send on your behalf to your contacts via our dedicated SMTP bulk email servers, Amazon SES, Twilio SendGrid, PowerMTA and MailChimp amongst others followed by detailed reports outlining major metrics like open rates, click rates and most importantly conversions.


At Esanosys we send billions of email newsletters each month. Get in touch with us today if you want to engage your subscribers with regular newsletters. We will help you plan, design and send captivating newsletters based on smart segments. We will also help you grow your subscriber base and be compliant to global and local spam regulations.


Drip mailers help nurture leads with the right content delivered at the most approriate moment in the buyers' journey. We will help you set up drip mailers to nurture your free-trial signups, leads and customers for upsells and for other use cases. Our content team will create crisp drip mailers designed to help you nurture your prospects.


Send transactional mailers to new signups and customers for transactional purposes. We help you set up your transactional email server(Amazon SES or SendGrid), create mailers and schedule automatic transactional mailers.

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