Marketing Automation Implementation Services

Choose the right Marketing Automation system

We strive hard to understand your business processes, goals and budget to suggest the best marketing automation system for your business. And best of all, we are vendor neutral, so all is you get is pure unbiased advice.

Workflows Configuration

All business are born unequal and continue to be different. So why should you have standard workflows suggested by your marketing automation software vendor. We will create custom workflows based on your business processes.

Lead Scoring and Segmentation

A properly configured predictive lead scoring model can become the most powerful tool for marketers to identify, segment, nurture and hand over sales ready leads to Sales. Work with us to create robust lead scoring models for your business.

Lead Nurturing

Not every inbound/outbound lead is sales ready. With proper planning and tactical lead nurturing programs, leads can be nurtured to become sales-ready. Talk to us today, if you have a leaky sales funnel and if your are losing sales.

Reporting and Analytics

Tap into the beauty of data-driven marketing with in depth and insightful analysis of campaigns so that they improve over time. We will identify the right metrics for your business and set up easy to understand automated reporting and analytics.

Drip Campaigns

We can create engaging Drip marketing campaigns for your subscribers, leads, customers or even evangelists to help you to nurture contacts in the long run and increase sales opportunities eventually.