Track your customer’s intent and interactions within your website/app in real time on a single platform. Turn those anonymous visitors into prospective leads. Provide valuable marketing intelligence to Sales to help them close more deals. Identify trends, increase sales and move deals along the sales funnel faster for better results.


Increase the productivity of your Sales team. Automate complex processes like timely follow-ups with prospects and improve productivity. Make your CRM or LMS a dynamic sales machine which works to improve Sales’ processes and outcomes.


Prioritize leads with robust lead scoring models from within your CRM or integrated marketing automation systems. Identify which prospects are most likely to buy from you, prioritize them and follow up with hot prospects with the right offer at the right time.


Integrate all your web forms with your CRM or LMS to prevent lead leakage. Integrating your website with the CRM will bring in valuable customer information into your database immediately. Choose among 100s of available integrations for marketing automation, email, social media, billing, project management and many more.

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End-to-end Sales Automation Solutions


End to end sales automation system/CRM implementation from certified experts. Completely vendor neutral and with guaranteed outcomes.


Seamless real-time integration with marketing automation, EPBAX, LMS, CMS, social media, billing, IVRS, SMS and other 3rd party apps.


We build custom applications/features on your CRM. Tell us what you want and see our engineers create magic for you.

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